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The Ideal Window Tinting Process

When you are looking for a professional window tinting provider, working with Pro Auto Tint and Details is a highly beneficial choice for you and your automobile. Situated in Cincinnati, OH and serving the neighboring regions, my auto shop has become the center for all drivers in need of excellent window tinting services. Here, you can learn what I do when tinting automobiles, as well as more about my company.

What I Do First

Once I have made an appointment and performed a full-scale diagnosis of your vehicle’s glass, I will further discuss your needs in terms of what films I should apply, the level of tinting you wish, as well as other features of the job, and will give you an estimate of my labor. Using the proper tools and tinting materials, I will adapt and quickly apply your new window films in a way that will meet your requirements.

The Process

Working in a place that is dust-free and between 40 – 98 degrees F, I can properly start on applying your new window tints. To be used as a pattern for your new windows, I will perfectly clean the exterior side of your windows and dry them afterward. I will use two pieces of scotch tape to place on each corner, one on the film and the other over the edge, and press firmly. I will, then, pull the two pieces of film in opposite directions, wet the outside of the window, and roll the film liner side facing out onto the glass. I will trim away the excess, and position the films in a way that the straight bottom edge extends from ¼ to ½ inch below the top of the inside casket. I will, again, wet the outside of the film with the application solution. I will use the soft rubber edge of a squeegee to stroke the film in a gentle downward motion to keep it temporarily in place before it is trimmed. I will, then, trim the vertical edges of the film, using enough force to only cut the film without damaging your automobile glass. I will open the doors, gently lift the bottom edge of the films, roll down the windows for about two inches, and trim the upper part of the film to the edge of the glass. I will do the same for the interior part, as well.

Contact my company in Cincinnati, OH to speak with me and make an appointment for a professional window tinting service. Available by appointment, I await your calls at (513) 268-6236 where you can learn more about the services I provide, as well as detailed info about Pro Auto Tint and Details. I’m looking forward to your calls. Contact me today!