3 Factors to Help You Decide Your Car’s Tint Shade

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Window Tinting Shade

Planning to have your car tinted soon but don’t know which tint shade to choose? Don’t worry, here are three key points to help you come to a decision on your window tinting plan.

#1 Know Your Tint Laws

The first thing you should consider before anything else are the tint laws in your locality. Knowing the administrative regulations, including how dark or reflective a tint is allowed in your state, is a must. Also, note that each car window has a different set of rules to follow. Once you’ve got your specifics, #2 should be an easy decision.

#2 Determine Your Tint Shade

While there are several good reasons to window tinting, there are a variety of choices to tint shades as well. When picking a shade, you will notice that they are labeled by percentages – 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70%. These labels indicate how much light can pass through the film and into your car. If you choose the 5% shade, which is also called “Limo Tint”, this means that only 5% light is allowed in your car and 95% light is blocked out. So, the lower the shade, the darker the view. However, give yourself a favor and choose the shade that’s comfortable and safe. Don’t forget to factor in #3 as well.

#3 Tally Your Tint Cost

The costs of tinting your windows would vary according to three things – the quality of the film, the number of windows, and tinting shade. So, adjust your needs suitably to these factors and you’ll have your price. However, do remember that a window tint will not last forever. If you choose a lower quality of film, it will probably fade within a year and will need to be replaced. So, better choose high-quality options for long-lasting excellence. As for the number of windows you want to be tinted, just pick the ones that you really need like the front and side windows.

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