Auto Window Tinting 101

Your Need-to-Know Information on Window Tinting

Cars come in different forms and types. You have the small hatchbacks, which are easy to maneuver in heavier traffic situations and are also easy to park. You also have the large SUVs, which are great for long drives and can pass through just about any terrain. Whatever the vehicle, one thing is certain: there is some form of tint applied on the car. Ever since window tinting was invented during the 1960s, it has become a mainstay in cars around the world.

Why is tinting useful for your vehicle?

The main purpose of tinting is to protect the driver as well as the passengers from UV rays, which are released by the sun. UV rays are very harmful to the skin, and too much exposure could cause various skin diseases. A car without tint is like to taking the full force of the sun. Driving would also be very difficult as the heat will become a distraction. Tinting is also useful as it gives privacy to the people inside the vehicle. It can never be avoided for a car to pass a sketchy neighborhood, especially at night. The best way to keep the driver as well as the passengers safe is for tint to be applied in the vehicle.

The types of auto window tint

There are different types of tint you can use for your car. Among them are dyed window tint, carbon window tint film, and ceramic window tint. Dyed window tint is the cheapest option and blocks sunlight using multiple layers of dye. Carbon window tint film, meanwhile, looks great since it uses a matte-finish and also blocks IR radiation, which causes the interior of the car to heat up. Ceramic window tint, however, is the most expensive of the bunch; but the price is justified as it blocks 50% of solar heat without blocking visibility.

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