Getting Your Car Windows Tinted? Make Sure to Ask These Questions First

Questions for Professional Car Window Tinting Experts

If you’re thinking of having your car windows tinted, you’re probably searching for a company that offers professional high-quality professional car window tinting services at reasonable rates. But you shouldn’t just stop there! To get your money’s worth, you should also ask the following questions to your tinting specialist:

What type of tint films do you install?

There are numerous types of window films in the market, and they’re categorized according to tint shade, finish quality, UV protection, and overall durability. Your tinting expert should be able to help you select the right kind of film that best suits your needs. They should also use only high-quality tint films that are sourced from trusted manufacturers and can last for a long time.

How dark will my windows be?

Different states have different regulations when it comes to car window tint. In Ohio, for example, the windshield of cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs should allow 70 percent of light into the vehicle. Front-side windows, on the other hand, should allow 50 percent of light to enter the vehicle, while back-side windows and rear windows have no restrictions. Make sure that your glass tinting company is familiar with the window tint regulations in your area and that they’ll ensure your vehicle will be compliant with these regulations.

Will you provide a warranty that covers the tint films?

You don’t want to install window tints that aren’t covered by a warranty. If you do, you might end up with low-quality films that won’t last for a long time, and you’ll be held wholly liable for replacing the films if they get damaged quickly. Because of this, you should ensure that your tint films come with a warranty, and you must know the warranty length as well as the warranty stipulations.

Ask these questions to enjoy excellent value for money! If you’re still searching for a professional car window tinting specialist, get in touch with Pro Auto Tint and Details and take advantage of my professional services in Cincinnati, OH. Call me now at (513) 268-6236!

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