Various Window Tint Films for Yourcar

Tips From Window Tinting Experts

Are you planning to add tint to your car’s windshield and windows? If so, you need to understand that there are various tint you can choose from. Truly, window tinting provides you a plethora of benefits. However, choosing the wrong one might give you a headache. To help you out, here is a guide when it comes to choosing the different tint films for your car:


This type of window tint film can easily block a huge percentage of sun rays going in your car. The dye is crafted to create a substantial amount of layer between the coating, film, and adhesive. Another thing about dyed films is that they are not that expensive compared to other tint film types. Dyed films appear to be darker compared to its counterparts. If you want this kind of effect on your car, call a professional window tinting company for installation.


This type of window tint film blocks up to 90 percent of UV rays, which is one of the most effective among the window tint films. Because of its effectiveness, this film is made up of multiple layers, hence, it is something that you need to consider because it is heavy. The base is made up of the adhesive that allows it to stick to your windshield and glass windows. The metal layer is then placed on top, which darkens the appearance of your glass and reflects heat. This way, you won’t have to use your AC to its maximum potential. The downside is that it affects metal and any radioactive material inside your car.


This is your ideal film when you want to get the advantages of the two aforementioned. However, it costs more considering the benefits that you gain from it.

These are some of the basic window tinting films that you can apply in your car. If you need assistance, Pro Auto Tint and Details in Cincinnati, OH provides quality workmanship and affordable services in the area. Call (513) 268-6236 for more info.

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